Intelligent Technology Couch Potato

Intelligent Technology Couch Potato

The internet has contributed to the growth of data sources for technology intelligence and this is important for the advancement of technology intelligence. Technology intelligence gives officialdoms the ability to be aware of technology threats and opportunities. Intelligent Technology Cough Potato It is significant for companies and businesses to be able to classify emerging technologies in form of occasions and threats and how this can affect their business.

In the historical 2 decades, there has been a big growth in the number of crops and services that knowledge has produced and this is since it is a lot easier and cheaper to acquire and stock data from different sources that can be analyzed and use in different industries.

The interest started in 1994 and the technology intelligence process had evolved since then. This process can use to improve and further the growth of a business because they need to shorten the time lag between data acquisition and decision making is squaring innovations in business intelligence technologies.

Intelligence Technology: Intelligent technology Couch Potato

Intelligence Technology (it) is an activity that enables companies to identify the technological opportunities and threats that could affect the future grow and survival of their business. It aims to capture and distribute the technological information needed for planned planning and decision creation. As technology life series shorten and business become IT capabilities is becoming progressively important.

In the United States, Project Socrates recognized the exploitation of technology as the most effective foundation for decision making for the whole set of functions within the private and public sectors that determine competitiveness.

Historic Development: Intelligent technology Couch Potato

Skill intellect is not new but is more significant now that organizations and societies are being upset by the shift to information and networking-based economy. Also known as Competitive Intelligence, there are dissimilar stages of the evolution process.

The interest started in 1994 with numerous newspapers on the topic, government efforts to encourage modest intelligence and the origination of competitive intelligence sequences and programs in universities.

Then in the 1980s, the exertion of Michael Porter on planned management renewed this interest. Amid the 1970s and 1980s, a few companies were ongoing adopting technology intelligence processes but were not successful.

This failure still causes great indecision on how companies can adopt these perform. However, over the historical few years, there is still a mounting interest in technology intelligence processes.

The First Generation of Knowledge Intelligence

The first generation of knowledge intelligence occurred when there was no long-term strategic framework for Research and Development (R&D) management. A number of inefficient modernizations were creating, due to the fact that there wasn’t much coordination between the central research subdivision and their technology needs.

Technology monitoring was familiar to the central research department but still, there were errors. The commendations were not efficient and their presentation was poor and this didn’t do much for the resource allocation process.

The second generation of technology cleverness tried to toughen the link between companies and R&D organizations by offering short term technological needs but this was not enough as the commercial strategy did not offer long term guidance. When it came to developing technologies, these could not be easily employe because they had not sufficiently planned and were not receptive to recommendations.

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