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Complete Beginner’s Guide to AEON Mining

AEON Mining  – Over the past decade, everyone has been talking about cryptocurrencies and the profit opportunities that come with them. And while they can an excellent investment, cryptocurrencies are also very volatile. For this reason, many view mining as a less risky option than buying and trading.

However, when it comes to prominent mineable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, profitability can be questionable, given the cost of mining equipment and the energy it requires. And also if you want to start mining, your best bet is to go for something cheaper like AEON.

Also AEON is a cryptocurrency created as a hard fork of the Monero algorithm. And also the idea of ​​its creation was to develop a version of Monero that was lighter and more compatible with mobile devices. Or in other words, it will take fewer resources to mine, store, and store it. It uses a lightweight PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm based on the CryptoNote protocol, called CryptoNight-Lite. This solution is much less harsh on your computer’s CPU and GPU (both Nvidia and AMD based).

It is why you might want to start mining this cryptocurrency. Since mining AEON does not require expensive hardware like mining other cryptocurrencies, it has a higher earning potential. And also your own computer, laptop or smartphone will be the only equipment you will need to start earning AEON tokens.

In addition to equipment, you will need mining software, a reliable internet connection, and an AEON wallet to start mining. However, you can do things to ensure a more efficient mining operation, such as allowing the software you use for mining in your antivirus program. If necessary, and update your GPU driver to the latest version.

AEON cryptocurrencies can also be an attractive investment for traders. You can buy it with fiat currency, like US dollars, or the platform may allow you to buy it with another crypto. If you want to trade with it, you can find a reliable and friendly exchange that supports it.

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