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How Can You Inferior your Email Bounce Rate?

Email  Bounce Rate is flexible and cost-effective to reach a larger audience, but a high bounce rate can ruin

bounce rate

Also, with this, you can gradually create targeted and personalized messages. But what if your hard-earned email doesn’t reach the recipient?

Unfortunately, many people trying to fix their email bounce issues struggle. It’s not easy because email bounces don’t always have a clear cause or solution, and many they reduction strategies require careful evaluation.

Also, this article will go over the concept of email bounce rate in this guide and the steps you can take to improve your launches.

Why are your Emails Bouncing?

Emails can bounce for a change of reasons. Bounced emails fall into two categories, according to most email marketing experts.

A hard bounce is a pretty serious problem that leads to permanent failure. An email never reaches the recipient’s mail server and comes back to the sender, and it can also happen due to the server blocking incoming emails.


And Soft bounces are temporary and occur when the email size is too large or the recipient’s inbox is full. In most cases, this type of mail is delivered after several attempts. However, it’s OK if one stays within a healthy bounce rate range.

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