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Does China Control The Prices Of Cryptocurrencies?

Basically cryptocurrencies China is one of the primary countries to provision cryptocurrencies. Also home to some of the world’s largest bitcoin mining companies and structures. Chinese search engine giant Baidu has started accepting bitcoin for website security services.

And also Bobby Lee, the founder of the BTC China exchange, said: “What they are interested in is revenue: Can Bitcoin make me money now?” he said he.

Also one of the ways China exerts influence over bitcoin prices is through its exchanges. Before banning bitcoin trading in 2017, China accounted for more than 90% of cryptocurrency trading volumes.

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Huobi and OKCoin, July 2021, announced that they would close their subsidiaries in Beijing due to the latest crackdown on digital currencies.

And also in July 2021, Bishijie, an online community for Chinese cryptocurrency investors, closed its website and app in mainland China. Also BCT China, which once ran the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it had withdrawn. Entirely from bitcoin-related activities.

And also the People’s Bank of China aims to become the first major central bank to issue a central bank digital currency. While its other Western counterparts have taken a more cautious approach, China has already held trials in several major cities.

Also the latest crackdown makes it harder for people in China to buy crypto using various payment channels. It could affect miners’ activities by making it harder to exchange crypto for yuan.

And also the price of a coin is determined by demand and supply, among other factors. China controls the supply of top-tier cryptocurrencies within the cryptocurrency ecosystem through mining operations. And also it despite these recent crackdowns, nearly 65% ​​of all Bitcoin mining operations are based in China.

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Because the supply of bitcoins is tightly controlled, bitcoin mining plays a vital role in determining the prices of cryptocurrencies. And also Bitcoin miners calibrate their coin production and demand by adjusting problem difficulty and transaction fees.

And even though there take to remain a lot of negative comments about the energy consumption of Bitcoin. Also, Chinese miners are still making good profits due to high prices and investing with Bitcoin Billionaire. And also it could be argued that this could be why the Chinese government has not set a deadline to phase out Bitcoin mining.

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