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CPQ Software Write For us

CPQ Software Write For us

What is CPQ software?

Price quote setup apps help sales reps quickly create high-quality price quotes. In most cases, B2B offers are customized based on customer needs and product capabilities. The offers are almost always personalized, while discounts are also given.

While it may seem like simple math to the layman, preparing a quote in the B2B sales process is a confusing affair simply because there are so many variables and factors that decide the final price. No one wants to go wrong in this area of the sales cycle.

CPQ software frees sales teams from their pricing and helps them create these custom quotes. Of course, that’s not the only benefit: CPQ’s software tools are fast becoming essential business applications.

It is important to remember that CPQ tools are different from Quote-to-Cash applications. While CPQ is primarily concerned with quote creation, the latter ventures further into directions like contract lifecycle management, making it a more comprehensive solution.

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