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How does Fiber Optic Work?

Because fiber optic is not only the future, it is already the present. It’s what lets you watch Netflix in 4K, play games at full speed, and download what you need in an instant.

And we’re betting on fibre because we’re betting on giving you what you need at the speed of light. After all, that’s what thread is all about.

Don’t you believe it? Find out what optical fibre is, how it works, and all the advantages that make it your ideal means of connection. Keep reading!

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Optical fiber is the transfer medium used for data and telecommunications networks, capable of transmitting a large volume of information over long distances.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside the cable we put for you, the answer is that the most avant-garde is inside. Imagine a glass thread (silica, that’s what we call it) or plastic, which is ten times thinner than your hair.

Now imagine several crystal threads around a core covered with various reinforcements that protect them. That fiber optic cable you see coming out of your modem is made of this, a fragile strand of a transparent material, either fiber glass or plastic, not copper or aluminium like other cables conventional.

In the past, the old ADSL technology made it possible to send data using the copper cables of the old landline telephone lines. Still, these cables had many limitations, so optical fiber allows much faster speeds, thanks to how the light is transmitted.

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Fiber optic technology does not transmit electricity but light pulses. And how is it, Lowi? We make a comparison, which always seems more straightforward:

Imagine turning on a flashlight to illuminate a friend in the dark. It’s better than in a straight line, and there are no obstacles. Otherwise, you can’t get this light. How could you do it if your friend was just around the corner?

You could have a mirror pointed at him and some of the light you project into the mirror would be reflected back at your friend.

Fiber optic cables work in a very similar way. Light is emitted which reflects off the glass of the fiber optic cable, passing through it until it reaches its destination. This allows you to carry that important mail data or bring you the latest episode of your favorite series. And it does it so much faster than you could ever move that data over old copper wires.

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