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Growth Hacking: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Growth Hacking strategies and channels to apply Growth Hacking to your online business to gain new customers. The question on your mind is always the same: How can I grow my online business?

Reaching more people and convincing them to become your customers is one of your priorities, and you want to take advantage of all the means available. Website included.

This objective must constantly grow the number of people interested in your products in the shortest possible time and at a lower cost.

Fancy? Sean Ellis, entrepreneur and consultant, tells us that there is a process by which the most effective solutions it creates to grow a business, with a holistic approach that includes an analysis of all the elements around a particular product.

Once all the factors are considered, they must use communication to find the most effective combinations for rapid growth. Based on this idea, it created Growth Hacking. Have you ever heard of him? Let’s meet him together.

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The existence of Growth Hacking dates back to 2010 and has spread widely in the United States.

In Italy, however, it came later, but today it is one of the most exploited and demanded marketing techniques. The term refers to a set of marketing strategies for growth on the web.

Its mainly uses by companies and startups but can also be applied to sites, especially if they sell products and services. Also, the figure that deals with this strategy are called Growth hacker.

The Growth Hacker is an exceptionally trained person in online marketing but must also have knowledge of programming and SEO and be very creative.

Social media, viral marketing, targeted advertising, email marketing, and SEO are all used to create a campaign with this approach.

How does Growth Hacking Work?

The first element to identify is the company’s growth force. In other words, what services or products do you want to focus on to move your business forward.

As a preliminary step, work on these aspects, creating beneficial and valuable services and products for the public.

Test the product and identify the niche that interests you. In this way, you will determine the main characteristics of direct marketing. Also have you developed your proposal? Well, now apply Growth Hacking.

This marketing technique will allow you to reinforce and highlight the strength of your proposal and reproduce it to multiply its growth factor.

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