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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case With S Pen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case With S Pen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case With S Pen

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup is imposing. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen. From 5G support to a new camera setup with better performance, there’s a lot to be excited about. Heck, the S21 Ultra even borrowed one of the Note’s marquee features: S-Pen stylus support. That’s right, you can now use a stylus to write or draw on one of Samsung’s S-series phones.

All three phones run Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI 3.1 proprietary skin. That means you get the best Android currently has to offer (until Android 12 comes out), but you also have access to improvements and tweaks Samsung has made to the operating system. For example, the S21 has two different types of floating notifications and you can now add effects to your video calls.

How to turn the S21 off Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen

How to turn the S21 off Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen

If you long-press the power key expecting to chance the phone off, you’re in for a surprise. A Bixby surprise, to be careful.

That’s right, holding in the power key will launch Bixby, instead of giving you the option to turn phone off.

But don’t fret, you have a few dissimilar options to power your S21 unhappy or restart it:

  • Swipe down from the highest of the screen to opinion the quick settings panel, then tap on the power key in the top-right corner.
  • Long press the side key and volume down key at the same time until the control menu shows up.
  • Change the side key to function as the power key by going to Settings > Advanced features > Side key and select Power off menu. From now on, long-pressing the power key will bring up the power menu.

S-Pen support on the S21 Ultra: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen

S-Pen support on the S21 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen

This isn’t a hidden feature, so considerable as it just isn’t all that obvious unless you’ve been openly told about it.

You see, the S21 Ultra lacks any place to store the S Pen as the Note sequence does.

So if you accepted the phone because you required the best Samsung has to the proposal, you wouldn’t know better.

The S21 Ultra will effort with any Galaxy Note series or Galaxy Tab S series S-Pen stylus. Or you can choose for the S21 Ultra case that comprises an S Pen.

If you consume an S Pen, all you essential to do to start using it through the Ultra is to touch the tip of it to the screen.

And it must just work if you hover the pen just overhead the screen’s surface, you’ll see a little likeness. On the display presentation that it recognizes the stylus.

Once you trace it to the screen, the Air Command icon will show up, letting you take quick notes screenshots.

Take Better Screenshots: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Eith S Pen

Every Galaxy S21 has Samsung’s rather hidden Edge panels that tuck away shortcuts to apps, features and info.

You may have observed a slightly transparent line sideways the right-side of your S21’s screen. That’s where you admission the hidden boards. Out of the box, 1 of the screenshot board is turned off.

It’s easily one of the most useful boards as it gives you several options to do more than just imprisonment your screen.

The panel is really called Smart Select, and it gives you the tools to capture just a portion of your screen using the rectangle or oval, record an animated image (or GIF) or pin a screenshot, perhaps with a phone number or address, to your screen.

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