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chrome://net-internals/#dns – Clear DNS Cache on Chrome [MiniTool Tips]

chrome://net-internals/#dns – Clear DNS Cache on Chrome [MiniTool Tips]

What is chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile used for? Is it necessary to clear the DNS cache for browsers? This article on the MiniTool website teaches you how to remove the DNS cache in Chrome, including DNS cleanup methods from other browsers. Please keep reading.

What is chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile?

What is chrome___net-internals_#dns_

You can try this link in your browser and see the page where you can click Clear Host Cache to clear the DNS cache in Chrome.

Net-internals/#dns, or Net-Internals, is a NetLog event stream visualization tool allowing you to view real-time logs or load post-data NetLog dumps containing network-related events and browser status to help troubleshoot and debug problems.

Is it necessary to clear the DNS cache in Chrome?

There are some situations where you need to run chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile.

  • If you can’t access a website and the DNS record has changed.
  • If you changed the DNS servers of your network adapter and applied these settings.
  • If you keep getting some errors, it will tell you that some commonly used websites are untrustworthy.

How do I clear the DNS cache?

There are three methods applied to different browsers that you can refer to.

Clear DNS cache in Chrome

  • Open your Chrome browser and go to this link: chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile.
  • Once you get to this page, you will see the page with the Clear Host Cache button and click on the button.
  • After this move, no message or prompt will show you the result, but you have cleared the DNS cache in Google Chrome.
  • Restart your Chrome browser, then go to this link: chrome://net-internals/#sockets.

Click the Flush socket pools button and restart your browser.

How do I clear the DNS cache_

Clear DNS cache in Firefox

You can clear the DNS cache in Firefox simply by restarting the browser, as the cache is not stored on disk. Or, if you don’t want to restart your browser, you can do the following.

Step 1: Open your Firefox browser and click this link in the address bar: about networking#dns.On the next page, you can see some details of the DNS cache and select the Clear DNS Cache button to clear the DNS cache of the browser.

Clear DNS cache in Safari

There is no direct button to clear the DNS cache in Safari, but you can select a hidden button to clear caches that contain DNS stores.

  • Launch Safari on your device, select Safari from the menu bar, and then Preferences….
  •  In the Settings panel, go to the Advanced tab and check the box next to the Show Develop menu in the menu bar.
  • Then the Develop menu will seem on the Safari menu bar, and you need to click on it to select the Empty caches option from the dropdown menu.

You can then restart Safari, and your cache will be cleared.

Clear DNS cache in Opera

To clear the DNS cache in Opera, you can do the following.

  • Launch Opera on your device, then go to the link: opera://net-internals/#dns.
  • Click the Clear Host Cache button on the next page to clear the DNS cache.
  • Afterward, go to the link: opera://net-internals/#sockets and click the Flush socket pools button.

Clear the DNS cache on your Apple iPhone

To clear your iPhone’s DNS cache, you can directly reboot the device to clear its DNS or turn Airplane mode on and off.

Also, you can reset network settings to clear DNS, but this method will clear saved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, which need to be reconfigured.

  • From Settings on your device, select General.
  • Scroll down to select “Transfer iPhone” or “Reset iPhone” and then tap “Reset.”
  • Choose Reset Network Settings after the list and confirm your choice to save the selection.

If you previously adjusted your DNS servers, you must manually reset them again.

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Clear the DNS cache of your Android

Android does not provide a direct way to clear the system DNS cache within the user interface. Still, you can remove the DNS cache using a browser like the ones we introduced, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Just open your mobile phone and open the browser you are using to follow the steps above to clear the DNS cache. That will be easy to understand.

Bottom line:

These links can help you quickly clear the DNS cache on different platforms. I hope this article has solved your concerns and problems.

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