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4 Small Business Trends to Know for 2021

4 Small Business Trends to Know for 2021

Small business trends to face some of their biggest challenges in recent times. And many are also learning how to re-engage with their customers and adapt to new demands in the marketplace.

Also, as a result, small business trend owners are starting to explore extra of their industry’s trends to contribute to planning for the future and creating new opportunities. And from designing the website that meets customers’ needs better to take up ecological and societal responsibilities.

And with this in mind, we take compiled the list of four emerging small business trends to watch in 2021 to know where your clients’ interests lie and continue fast on the curve.

4 Top Small Business Trends of 2021

1. Shifting toward eCommerce
2. Using mobile marketing
3. Rolling out your app
4. Rise of remote work

01. Shifting toward eCommerce

There is a steady shift of brick-and-mortar stores taking their businesses and services online and launching successful eCommerce websites in the past years. Also, under the current climate, most small businesses are looking to eCommerce to create new opportunities through selling their merchandise online. Either as their primary source of income and in congruence with extra practices.

If you are a business owner and want to carry your traditional line of work online, you can find that opening an eCommerce store can improve your operations in ways you hadn’t thought were possible.

Say you take the brick-and-mortar shop and are ready to expand your brand beyond what you produce yourself. You can do so by adding drop shipping to your online store, which helps you sell merchandise without paying for inventory. Items create on the spot only after they take orders.

Also, take New Jersey entrepreneur and Wix user RanD Pitts’ testimony as one of several success stories about transitioning into eCommerce.

And if you start an online store with Wix, you discover many great eCommerce tools to help you set up various specialized services. Its many advanced features include dropshipping, handling orders and payments, using data-driven insights to monitor performance, and more.

2 Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the significant small business trends it takes over the global stage with no indication of slowing down. And it means marketing your business to your mobile user audience by reaching them via their smartphones or tablets. After all, as smartphone ownership continues to overgrow worldwide.

Also with an estimated five billion people carrying mobile devices – the most direct channel to your audience is very likely done their phone.

And in addition to using small business apps to manage your business. And you can also use the app to connect with customers and cater to users on the go. For example, you can save your customers up-to-date by sending your latest promotion text messages with the agreement.

And you can also use geo-targeting to reach out to potential clients in your area using Google ads, allowing advertisers to board mobile users in specific geographical locations.

3 Rolling out your App

Extra people use their mobile devices to conduct daily transactions than ever before, from grocery shopping to booking fitness classes. As a result, it takes time to pair your small business website with a mobile app of your very own.

Also, with the Wix Owner App, you can manage your business at your fingers’ reach. And you can also up your marketing strategy by sending mobile drive notifications from your app.

Also on top of that, you can invite customers to download the Spaces by Wix app so that they can connect with your business on mobile. And lets them book services, purchase products, and stay connected via chat, groups, and forums.

Create a mobile community with your app and invite customers who become members to better engage with your business and stay updated with your latest offerings.

4 Rise of Remote Work

Another significant slight business trend is the flow in remote work and freelancing. At the same time, these provide sole benefits such as flexible scheduling and forgoing the long commute. And many operating outside of a traditional office space can face additional challenges. Such as maintaining a work-life balance.

If you are a small business that depends on our workers and remote workers, there are several ways to keep the work setting professional while making your staff feel supported from afar. And remember that you can still foster a strong sense of team motivation without sharing a physical space. Also, regularly check in on your employees using communication platforms such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Meets.

Other ways to support your employees though working distances include taking the time to socialize virtually with your team, preserving your unique company culture, and express.

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