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How the right tech can help you to stay productive on a business trip

How the right tech can help you to stay productive on a business trip

How the right tech can help you to stay productive on a business trip: Of course, when you go on a business trip, you probably bring a smartphone with you as a matter of routine. Bedsides, many smartphones these days come with the size and functionality to practically act as miniature laptops.

However, there remains the key question of how exactly you should use a mobile phone for work purposes when travelling. Also, it’s far from the only piece of kit you could potentially benefit from using for on-the-go productivity.

Here is a look at how various tech solutions can help you to get the most out of a business trip…

A mindfulness app can help you to meditate 

Just by heading to the main app outlet (that is, the App Store on an iPhone or Google Play on an Android handset) and doing a search using the term ‘mindfulness’, you could find listings for apps well-rated on their ability to foster good mental health.

Insider enthuses that, with such an app, “you can set aside anywhere from three to 30 minutes a day to conduct guided meditations and reset amid your busy lifestyle.”

Cloud storage can ease synchronicity between your devices 

Once you have set up your own account with a cloud storage service like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Apple’s iCloud, you can opt to place work files in the online storage provided.

Then, changes you make to those files can be saved automatically to the cloud storage. Hence, you can create, work on, and save a document in the office and subsequently, during your business trip, use your smartphone to retrieve that some document and do further work on it.

A webcast platform can enable you to deliver online events remotely 

What is a webcast? TechFunnel refers to it as “an entirely one-way presentation from presenter to attendees.”

Nonetheless, you could find and set up a webcast platform that would enable you to hold not only webcasts but also webinars, which foster collaboration between participants. ON24 is one brand that could provide you with this kind of all-in-one software.

Listening to podcasts can deepen your knowledge 

What do you usually listen to on your smartphone or laptop when travelling on business? Chances are that the answer is music — which, like a mindfulness app, can help you to banish a low mood and so prevent it from hampering your productivity.

You could also spare some time for listening to podcasts on subjects relevant to your field of work. In this way, you can expand your industry-relevant knowledge.

A power bank can keep your devices charged  

Naturally, you don’t want any of these devices to run out of charge at a time when you could and should have been using them for work. Hence, when packing for your business trip, make sure you include a power bank.

Some power banks on the market offer wireless charging, and MUO adds: “Other features include advanced safety, the size of the power bank, and the number of ports (which is important if you want to charge multiple devices in one hit)”.

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