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6 Helpful Tools by PDFBear to Boost Your Productivity

6 Helpful Tools by PDFBear to Boost Your Productivity

PDFBear to Boost Your Productivity we need to consider many things when working in the digital space. For one, we need to ensure efficiency because that will allow us to beat our lifestyle demands. At the same time, we also want to make sure that we are safe from online threats and infiltration. PDFBear is your helpful companion for maximizing the use of your PDF files because of its fast, easy, and valuable tools. You can be sure that you are safe with PDFBear because it puts the privacy and security of its users first. It deletes the files you upload, so you can rest assured that no one will use your documents without your knowledge or consent. To learn more about PDFBear, just read on and know more about the tools that can help you!

1. Delete PDF pages

One thing that PDFBear can significantly help you with is organizing your files. Have you ever encountered a PDF file with blank pages that make you itch to delete? With this situation, PDFBear can delete pages from PDF files! You may also need this when you need only excerpts of PDF files or to remove other pages from your PDF file!

2. Edit PDF

One thing that we love about PDF files is how it disables you to edit your documents.

PDF files come in handy when you want to avoid accidental editing or when your file has a sophisticated. Format that you do not wish to ruin when others open it using other software programs and platforms. On the other hand, this perk also becomes a curse when you see a typographical error or a mistake with your PDF file.

At the last minute! Instead of the long process of reopening its file format before you convert your document to PDF, you can use PDFBear and make your edits directly on the PDF file! It ensures an easy, fast, and intelligent way of editing your PDF.

3. Convert to PDF

Converting your documents into PDF might no longer be surprising about PDF tools.

You may even do it yourself without a PDF tool! However, what if you need to convert bulk files into PDF? Is saving them as PDF an intelligent and efficient way? It will take you lots of time before you can convert all of them into PDF! A quick fix is using PDFBear to convert these files to PDF all at once! PDFBear converts from many file formats, not only word documents, but also PPT, Excel Sheets, PNG, JPG, and PDF/a!

4. Convert from PDF

Aside from converting to PDF, you can also convert from PDF! We are usually used to converting files to PDF like it is a final step when you have finished your document.

On the other hand, we will also need to convert our PDF files into another file format that works the best for us and boosts our productivity.

PDF Bear will be a trusted companion if you receive a PDF file that you need to convert into a PPT file for a presentation or a word document for more accessible citationPDF Bear will be a trusted companion.

5. Add watermark to PDF

PDFBear can also add watermarks to your PDF. Adding watermarks on PDF and any content, in general, helps maintain our own and keep others from plagiarizing our work, especially if you will upload your work online. PDFBear also has other templates that you can use as a watermark, such as “Confidential” and more!

6. Merge and split PDF

Another function that will significantly help you organize your PDF files is the Merge PDF and the Split PDF function.

For Merge PDF, it allows you to consolidate multiple PDF files into one.

This tool will work well if you have a monthly report and you need to consolidate your weekly reports into one easily.

Merge PDF will also help you consolidate chapters into a single title if you are looking for a title online and what you see are only separated chapters.

The Split PDF tool allows you to Split PDF files into two or more other files.

This tool is extra helpful if you need to divide your file between making the chapters more accessible or if you need to draw excerpts from the PDF.

Your trusted PDF tool companion

Here are just some of PDFBear’s tools that will significantly help you with your processes in the digital space.

If you visit the site, you will find that it has many other tools that will help you!

To try out these tools, all you have to do is upload your files on the site and apply your desired options.

And let PDFBear do its thing. Once the download tab appears, you should click it to download your new PDF files.

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