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Building Partner Connectivity for Continuous Testing

Building Partner Connectivity for Continuous Testing


Building Partner Connectivity for Continuous Testing – Understanding the difference between various mobile app testing strategies and continuous testing strategy is very critical. Although both the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a substantial distinction in how they operate. Continuous testing is unquestionably a better option, as its scope extends beyond traditional test automation approaches.

Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, and DevOps

Traditionally, apps were built, tested, and then released, which required a significant amount of time and effort from the tester because everything was done manually. Agile and DevOps technologies, on the other hand, have aided in speeding up the app development process and the production of high-quality apps. Continuous testing is also one of the reasons for speeding up the SDLC and scaling up the app development process. It not only speeds up the growth of high-quality apps but also provides teams with a constant feedback loop.

It is difficult to pick between quality and speed when developing an app because both are important and contribute to the product’s competitiveness in the market. To accomplish speed and quality, firms in the agile scenario focus on DevOps and adopt continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment and delivery. Continuous integration necessitates the use of tools, Continuous Delivery entails the use of tools and team-driven tasks, and continuous testing requires the use of people, tools, processes, methodologies, and so on. Some continuous testing tools, such as Selenium, Jenkins, and Bamboo strengthen continuous testing and ensure that the continuous integration pipeline runs smoothly.

About pCloudy and its Goals with Partners

pCloudy is a cloud-based mobile request testing platform that provides developers, QA, and DevOps teams with a comprehensive life cycle testing platform. It contains the following features:

-pCloudy Public Cloud: Offers 5000+ Real Device-Browser combinations and real world network environments that you can access from multiple locations.

-On-Premise Cloud: A dedicated cloud infrastructure is set up behind the client’s firewalls at their location. The client can connect the devices they’ve invested in and use them to set up a remote lab within their premises. This provides additional security to enterprises that deal with apps where security plays a critical role.

– pCloudy Private Cloud- pCloudy maintains a private cloud in its data centres with dedicated devices that users can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

pCloudy provides end-to-end testing solutions for small and large enterprises, allowing them to run tests on their public, on-premise, and private cloud using 500+ devices and 2000+ browser combinations. It enables QA teams to conduct AI-powered exploratory tests for automated mobility testing across various real mobile devices and desktop browsers. And also, it uses an interactive dashboard to deliver real-time insights into the behavior and performance of the mobile and web apps. pCloudy uses collaborative tools like JIRA and SLACK to enable continuous development and continuous app testing to produce high-quality apps.

It has partnered with various organizations to provide complete life cycle testing solutions to enable them to give flawless products to its users. And also, it offers cost-saving, efficient, and quick solutions that help achieve app testing success with the help of its continuous testing process and mobile testing platform. As a pcloudy partner, you will be able to participate in joint selling and marketing efforts. Most importantly, it provides its partners with access to its APIs, development environment, and other technical support, allowing them to optimize integrations easily.


Continuous Testing has revolutionized the testing approaches, tools, and frameworks, allowing DevOps teams to produce unrivalled results faster. pCloudy promotes agile and DevOps while also meeting enterprises’ automation testing demands. pCloudy is to add value to its customers and partners by providing top-tier cloud testing solutions, assisting them in scaling their QA operations, delivering high-quality apps faster, and contributing to their success.


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