Data Analytics- This background gives an excellent system for young experts to take advantage of and build careers in this interesting new field. Detailed below are a few reasons why the data analyst/scientist are excellent leads for young experts graduating in a next few years.

Interesting Work – Data analytics is absolutely not as complicated and fun as software improvement but it has its own set of difficulties that make it very exciting work. For one, it aims to answer question relevant behaviors. More advanced plans would include learning mathematical methods used for statistics. Apart from getting exciting, one can be part of any market since the skill set is transferrable in most situations. Working on ecba certification training is also interesting, it is a great application for those who looking for skills valued by businesses across industries.

Pays Well – Any expert in this field would admit that this profile pays properly. And since, there are so many requirements; this trend is not going to slow down any time soon. Most young graduates, with a specialized education and some related industry experience (internships) can be hired as data analysts or business analysts and these jobs should pay all over USD 60-70K. Of course, this number grows very amply as one gain more experience and grows in terms of designation. A middle administration position would pay beginning at USD 90-95K.

Opportunities – As per recent studies, the world is only growing more curious, not less. This implies that large companies are investing more and more to explore market trends more precisely. This has and will continue to result in development of new tools, experimental methodologies and business processes across industries. For young professionals, this implies ample opportunities to explore career options based on their industries of preference.

Work And Career Opportunities In The Field Of Big Data

A lot of doors open for individuals having the right set of skills and the knowledge base required as a data analyst. The increasing number of businesses and customers has widened the job opportunities available in data training, making this career both challenging and lucrative. The high salary and job prospects in the field of data are a further indication of the increasing demand for data analysts among big companies.

The salary packages offered to them by the top companies clearly indicates the significance of  big data interview questions in these big entities. The salary packages offered vary with the experience of the candidates. The average salary package offered by the candidate with no experience (a new entrant) is 4-10 lakhs per annum.

The professionals with experience of 3-6 years can expect 10-20 lakhs per annum and those with 6-10 years of experience can expect 15-30 lakhs per annum. The professionals who have more than 10 years of experience can command a salary package of more than 1 crore.