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Customer Service vs. Customer Support: How Are They Different

Customer Service vs. Customer Support: How Are They Different

Customer Service are frequently used interchangeably; distinguishing between isn’t an easy task for development companies and business owners. Mixing up customer service and customer support is like a slip of the tongue. Usually, the two words at first glance look alike. But they don’t have the same meaning. Their function and purpose vary, and you shouldn’t mix them up. As a business owner, you should have a different strategy for each.

Including Customer Service care in your business strategy as a custom software development firm and business owner can exceed your customers’ expectations. It is always the joy of customers to see that you have their back, and they love to see someone to communicate with when they are having issues. Customer service and customer support are two different things, but they share the same goal to make customers happy.

Also Customer Service vs. Customer Support knowing the difference is important for your company’s growth. Once you can define the job responsibilities more clearly, you will be able to make better decisions and minimize customer frustration by giving them the best service.

In essence, your company or business exists to meet customers’ needs. You can do this by providing solutions to their problems or finding ways to fulfill all their needs. The relationship between your customers and your business isn’t something you should take with levity hands.

In this article, you will learn the difference between the definition of Customer Service vs. Customer Support, the difference between them, and how you can stand out in your customer experience. Let’s dump into the details for a better understanding.

What is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service_

Customer service is a term that encapsulates a variety of interactions between your company and your customers. This interaction is done to help and advise the people who are buying your products or those you are rendering your services to. All this is done to make sure your customer walks away happy and satisfied.

Customer can take place before a customer buys your product or after they purchase it. This service includes the sales process, delivery, installation, and tech support if you are a custom software developer. This service can be done through a live chat, email, customer service line, or in-store customer service counter.

Every company’s primary goal is to deliver the best customer service because this aspect will heavily influence customer satisfaction and loyalty. For big companies, customer service is a product of its own, and with this, they can draw in new customers who want to buy from the company because of the way they are treated. Excellent customer service creates a human connection and makes the relationship between your company and customers more than just buying and selling.

What is Customer Support?

What is Customer Support_

The customer is very different from the customer. It is often defined in custom software development companies as someone who provides support that helps customers use products and services.

Customer support is often provided in response to customer demand, and it is intelligent planning for custom software development companies and businesses. In the case where customer service is a customer-building relationship, custom support builds a business-focus relationship. Customer support is mean to provide the needs assistance to solve customer issues.

Customer support is a type of customer service interaction though it is not a need for all companies. This customer service is needs in technology, custom software development firms, or eCommerce companies. It involves supporting technical issues and actively working to improve the company’s service or product.

In customer service, businesses like restaurants offer service by helping customers book a reservation, purchase a gift card and leave an online review. Businesses like this do not need a reason to offer customer support. This is because customer service is transactional; they do this by ordering a meal or complaining about a bad experience at the restaurant. They need only service from this restaurant and not any customer support that involves installing software or troubleshooting a technical problem.

In essence, any company that offers software as a service or uses any form of technology. Also would need a customer support team to help customers who need help correct errors and install the software. So also, if you have an eCommerce company, you would need a customer support team that will help users who are having trouble navigating any tech issues.

Criteria to distinguish between customer support and customer service

1. Different Approaches & Strategies

The first way to distinguish the differences between this customer service and customer support is how they approach things and their strategies to get things done. To acquire new customers is more expensive than retaining customers. So, customer service strategies are to provide a consistent and satisfactory experience to customers by handling any of their interactions.

The work of this customer service is to also recommend before purchasing to customers and, assist them at the time of check to avoid errors. They are train and prepare to meet any customer’s needs with personalize service.

On the other hand, customer support focuses on providing technical help for any of their services to customers after purchasing a product. They are also in charge of producing guides on how a product works to customers. Their service and strategies don’t involve meeting customers physically or chatting with them. They work at the backend.

So, in spirit, the significant difference between the approach and strategies for customer support and customer service is that one is technical-base while the other helps in all aspects.

2. Distinct Set of Employee Skills

Customer support and customer teams need different sets of skills and experiences, making them unique in their different fields. Your customer service team must have relationship-building skills, interpersonal skills, a strong desire to help others. And they must be social and know the right questions to ask them at every point in time. With these skills, they will be able to improve the overall experience for customers.

While a customer support team requires skills like technical customer support and expertise related to the product or service your company is offering. They need to understand the technical aspects of software and how to handle technical customer issues.

3. Separate Natures of Interaction

Customer most often deals with one-time interactions with customers because all they deal with is a simple issue that can discuss and resolved quickly. So this is what makes customer service crucial for your company building. Because it will help you develop a trusted relationship with your customers. Also it is also necessary because one bad and negative experience from your company. Also without anyone to solve will make the client leave and spread bad reviews about your company across the internet.

While customer support involves the continuous it helps of customers, it is primarily use in software development companies. Customer support is in charge of training users to install software, and this process takes time and requires customers’ involvement.


Customer and customer support are essential for custom software developer agencies and maintaining business customer relationships. Therefore, customer experience will help to improve their loyalty, retention, and recurring revenue with your company. If your company can provide both customer support and customer for customers by engaging proactively. And you are at a great advantage to be above your competitors.

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