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Healthier Food Alternatives For Your Bombay Cat

Healthier Food Alternatives For Your Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat finding the right balance when it comes to meal plan you content can be tricky, even more so if you are looking for healthier, more natural ingredients to give to your pet. Ideally, an organic-rich menu for your furry family member will offer the most benefits and will have the best results in the long run.

You could look at boutique cat food outlets or pop-up shops selling the latest products on the market but do we really know what it consists of? Sometimes all that clever advertising and flashy campaigning are simply to draw you in, and let’s be honest they do have a way of catching our attention.  This only gives us even more reasons why we need to do our own research and homework into which products are best suited to your cat and breed.

Food for the body.

Some people may think if they are new to the world of pet ownership and cat dietary needs, that any generic brand will do off the supermarket shelves, but this is not the case. This is even less true if you have a rare thoroughbred feline with specialized and usually personalized taste buds that need catering.

Others claim that ‘a cat is a cat’ and food is simply food, but if you had a specific intolerance or allergy to a particular food product or ingredient would you still keep eating it and adding it into dinner meals, doubtful. The same goes for your four-legged friends, read this quick article to learn more on the topic and correct those who think otherwise.

Too often these misconceptions lead to beliefs and suddenly pet owners around the world are walking around with incorrect knowledge and spreading it. Do your part to educate others on the subject.

Which food is best?

Is one brand better than the next, do certain ingredients offer more than others, the easy answer is yes? You ideally want to purchase food for your pet from a reliable and reputable supplier, one that does testing on their products for harsh chemicals or unwanted pesticides with negative long-term effects.

By the time you discover something is wrong with your cat and their symptoms are getting worse, trying to trace it back to the source becomes almost impossible.

Wherever you are buying your food ingredients for your cat, be sure to take a look at their company website, what are their work ethics and ethos, do they pride themselves in a product well-made, or do they simply want to make as many sales as possible.

Read which ingredients they use in their foods, are they grown from natural sources, do they harvest ethically using the best methods and techniques to preserve as much of the organic vitamins found naturally within the items. These may seem like trivial questions but when your exotic cat is showing signs less than his usual Bombay characteristics and friendly personality you will know something is not right.

It is the same as if we had children when one is not feeling well we look at the foods and drinks they have consumed and conclude from there. At the end of the day it all comes back to the foods we eat, and the more chemical-based and man-made the worse off we are.

While the breed of Bombay cats don’t particularly require a set list of foods they may or may not eat, you do want to include a well-balanced meal plan of both protein-rich wet food and good quality dry food.

This way you keep an eye on their digestion, their digestive system, and that bowel movements are regular and solid. If you incorporate too many of one category your cat could end up on the obese or overweight end of the spectrum and this only leads to added complications, see this link for a quick guide of the symptoms and causes to be aware of and keep an eye on.

Exercise for cats.

This is one subject matter that brings about a lot of discussions and debates and there are varying opinions on both sides of the scale. While your feline family member can’t necessarily be taken for a stroll to the park or a light jog next to you while you ride your bike down the fields there are a few things you can do to keep them reasonably active.

  • Try to have quite a few choices in varying sizes and textures to keep them busy. Some could roll about that they chase others require mental strength to open or essentially unlock.
  • We have all seen how cats like to chase lights, lasers are a great way for kids to be entertained and for your cat to get a full-body workout trying to pounce on the little red dot staring at him from the wall.
  • These obstacles come in all shapes and heights and are a great upper body activity for your pet. Grabbing, clawing, and tugging at the rope and strings can be exhausting and it will keep your cat focused for at least a small amount of time.

No matter the method you can always find new and innovative ways to keep your cat busy, get the kids involved, build an obstacle course around the home, and soon your furry feline will be chasing the kids through tunnels and over the sofa pillows. Win-win.

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