Retain.Ai 23m Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat: Fidelity’s latest research shows that Twitter, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft are the fastest growing companies in the world. In fact, these three companies have been able to develop an audience, generate interest, and forge partnerships with the rest of the market. They have also been able to capitalize on the recent growth of apps like TikTok and Instagram.


Dan Primack, publisher of Axios, recently commented on the performance of Fidelity Investments shares. Specifically, he pointed to the company’s ability to commit the biggest misstep in its history. It was in the midst of a run of bad luck for the company that he saw its share price drop by more than a third. In the end, it wasn’t just Fidelity that suffered; their VC counterparts have been hit hard.

As a result, the company’s largest shareholder reduced its investment, cutting its stake by more than half. The good news is that Fidelity took some of the credit, cutting its share of Twitter by almost a third. However, like many startups, the company has a lot of work to do beforehand it can recoup its losses. This includes interest payments on a $1 billion debt.

IPO at 32-year lows

The IPO market is expected to have its worst year since 1990. Several mega IPOs were postponed or canceled in the first half of the year, and countless more are expected to stall later on. It is estimated that in 2022 there will be a decline in IPO revenue of up to 99%.

Many investors are hesitant to participate in new transactions due to a lack of trust in IPO companies. This information asymmetry creates a risk of collapse, especially for startups. Fortunately, the traditional IPO market is starting to pick up.

However, the IPO market in the Americas was hit hard in the second quarter. After hitting a 13-year high in the first quarter of 2021, IPO activity fell 82.5% to $9 billion in the second quarter.

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard would add some well-known video game franchises to the company’s portfolio, including World of Warcraft and Call of Duty Warzone. However, the deal drew a lot of criticism due to its high price tag. And while the deal adds new blood to Microsoft’s arsenal, it also raises troubling questions about how it would affect the culture of Microsoft, its employees and its customers. Also, the impending merger raises some interesting privacy concerns.

Adding to the obvious concerns, the deal could spell the end of an era for some of Microsoft’s longtime partners like Facebook and Google. For example, Google would be forced to pay for the rights to the upcoming Xbox One X console, while Facebook would have to shell out millions of dollars to buy Windows 10. That said, if the deal goes through, it will be Microsoft’s first real success. . foray into the gaming market and the company’s first foray into the console space in over a decade.


Fidelity has launched a TikTok account and plans to create a variety of content for young investors. The company’s goal is to establish a lifetime customer relationship with young investors. Since June, the company began posting investment-themed videos on the app. According to a spokesperson, the company aims to create content that is accessible to both Millennials and Generation Z. To help achieve this goal, Fidelity has worked with a number of social media influencers to create a video series aimed at young consumers. These include Mark Tilbury, Humphrey Yang, and Tori Dunlap.

A Fidelity spokesperson said the company is working with these social media influencers to educate young investors on the basics of financial investing. This includes creating a series on TikTok called “Money Kitchen.” In this series, the company uses food metaphors to help explain complex financial issues. For example, use pizza slices to explain budget and burritos to illustrate diversification.

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