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The Questions To Ask Before Starting A Web Design Job

The Questions To Ask Before Starting A Web Design Job

Web Design Job – For any freelancer looking to make headway in the world of web design, getting clients is tough. It takes a lot of work to find jobs, and when you have them it’s all about doing the best possible job to enhance your reputation and pick up work off the back of it.

When you’ve snagged a client, the work begins way before you’ve even started wireframing. And that begins by asking the right questions to begin with. Web Design Job and some of those can be simple questions while others will set you up for your web design project beautifully.

There’s tons of advice out there on the questions you should be asking before starting a job. Duda, one of the leading brands in website building, have offered their tips on their blog, while other major companies in the space have done the same.

We’ve collated some of the key questions you should be asking your client before setting off on a web design task:

What and who is the website for?

First and foremost you need to know exactly what the website’s purpose is and who it is for. This will help influence a number of features on the website as well as the overall design. It can sound obvious, but you’d amaze how frequently this one gets missed. And it’ll end in two ways.

You’ll either have to go back to the client with your tail between your legs asking the question, which could have wasted time and money in between, or build a website on your own assumptions which could lead to a lot of amends, not to mention valuable insight from the client.

What are your key messages?

Showcasing a client’s brand values is such an important part of building a website. A homepage is a brand’s shop window and you should get a good look and feel for the site as soon as you land on it.

By asking what the key messages are, core brand values and even questions such as where does the brand want to be in 5, 10, 20 years will all help establish the messages that the brand want to portray on their site.

You can then use pull out quotes, images and even colours to establish this.

Do you have any websites you already like?

Ultimately, the client is always right and they take certain ideas in their mind that take usually remain driven by seeing other sites they like. By asking what those sites are you can establish a client’s expectations a little more clearly and craft the website with those in mind.

This can also work for any websites or features that a client particularly dislikes, allowing you to avoid those and essentially saving time on amends.

Ask them what success looks like?

What you also need to do is establish their goals and how your website design can help drive them towards that. You should understand what they want from their website, whether it be sales, leads, traffic, and key elements can be factored into the design based upon that, particularly when it comes to Ecommerce.

Equally, you should know what they expect from you. Whether it be timings, rounds of amends and anything else that can help the process of designing a website work as smoothly as possible.



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